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X-Surf 100 Zorro Ethernet Card


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EasyNet Edition::

X-Surf 100 network card with free EasyNet CD, exclusively from AmigaKit.
X-Surf 100 is a 100 Mbit Ethernet Zorro-II/III Card for big box Amiga computers with a free zorro slot: A2000, A3000, A4000 and A4000T.
Third party Zorro busboards may not be compatible- compatibility with these is to be confirmed by manufacturer. For stable operation, a Buster-11 chip is recommended.
This card also has an optional USB expansion module called Rapid Road (sold separately)
EasyNet Software Exclusively Included

EasyNet network/internet Amiga software included with package and X-Surf 100 Amiga network driver supplied on floppy disk.

X-Surf 100
X-Surf 100
X-Surf 100
X-Surf 100
X-Surf Floppy DiskX-Surf Network Driver is supplied by us at no extra cost with this network card. Use the driver to configure this card with the supplied EasyNet software or other TCP/IP stacks.

For more detailed information, please read the X-Surf 100 Wiki Pages
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Available Options
EasyNet Edition::