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External 6-in-1 USB Card Reader + EasyADF


If you want to use a digital camera with your Amiga, then you need a memory card reader.
Plug this reader into your Amiga's USB port and then plug your digital camera memory card into the reader. You can now access all your photos for printing, editing or backing up to your Amiga's hard drive.
As you are accessing the photos when the camera is switched off it saves camera battery power unlike when you use a serial lead to access the photos.
This versatile reader will take the following formats of memory card: Secure Digital Card, Multi Media Card, Memory Stick , Smart Media Card, Compact Flash Cards.
This card reader can also be a great way of transferring large amounts data from a PC/laptop to your Amiga.
In addition, EasyADF is supplied on Amiga floppy disk- the program is a quick and easy tool to make or uncompress ADF images and uncompress LHA archives. EasyADF is ideal for creating ADF images for use with Amiga Forever.
Amiga with USB ports (eg Spider USB, Subway USB)
Compatible USB stack (eg Poseidon)
Card reader appearance may vary from picture shown
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