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Amiga Kickstart ROM Socket 40-pin


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Amiga Kickstart ROM socket (40-pin) - suits all Commodore-Amiga computers and Kickstart ROMs.
This is a replacement part for Amiga 1200 motherboard socket U6A and U6B and others motherboards - see compatiblity list below.
Amiga 500 / 500 Plus: Motherboard location U6
Amiga 600: Motherboard location U6
Amiga 1200: Motherboard locations U6A and U6B
Amiga 2000: Motherboard location U500
Amiga 3000: Motherboard locations U180 and U181
Amiga 4000: Motherboard locations U175 and U176
Amiga 4000T: Motherboard locations U175A and U176A
Amiga CD32: Motherboard locations U6A
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