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ACA 620 Accelerator Rev 2

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ACA 620 Accelerator Revision 2
This great value accelerator is ideal for expanding an Amiga 600. It adds Fast memory and extra performance with the faster 020 CPU on board. It is great for use with retro gaming using utilties such as WHDLoad
Technical Specification
For Amiga 600
CPU MC68EC020 clocked at 16.67 MHz
10.8MB+5MB Maximum Memory (32-bit SDRAM, zero-waitstate)
1 MByte for MapROM function
The ACA620EC will come up with 5MBytes of fast memory auto-configured. 1MByte is located at $c0.0000, which will increase compatibility to older, A500-based software. Another 4MBytes are added to the free memory pool using autoconfig. If you want to make use of all the memory that the ACA620EC offers, please use the ACAtune tool, version 1.7 or higher. This will let you remaining available memory for any software. The fast memory of the ACA620EC can only be used with the 68EC020 processor. It is not available in plain 68000 mode.
ACA620EC Installed
ACA620EC accelerator for A600
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ACA620EC installed in A600
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There are two documents currently available for the ACA 620:
ACA 620 Manual (PDF)ACA 620 Manual
PDF Format
Inside ACA 620 Manual (PDF)Inside ACA620
PDF Format
The ACA 620EC is also compatible with the A603, A604 and A604n Chip memory expansions.
We have identified that some revision 2D A600 boards have stability problems with the ACA 620EC- all other revisions are unaffected.
ACA Tune Floppy DiskACATune utility is software used to configure features on the accelerator. It can either be downloaded for free or we can supply it on a floppy disk if you select it in the configuration options below.