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The A600GS is a new Games System and Classic 68K compatible computer, running AmiBench desktop environment.
Install and run your collection of AGA, ECS or OCS games and scene demos¹. Use the new 2024 updated versions of Final Writer, OctaMED and Personal Paint which are pre-installed, ready-to-run.
  Games menu: add, edit & launch ADF games, scene demos and apps (OCS, ECS & AGA).
  AmiBench: 1080p screenmode with 32-bit icon set. Run Classic 68k programs.
  Dual 9-pin Joystick Ports: accepts Commodore compatible joysticks
  HDMI 1080p output: plugs into HDMI television or monitor
  Wireless Internet: connects to AmiSphere for system updates
  Bluetooth: optionally output audio to Bluetooth speaker
Pre Installed Software:
  AmiBench Release V46
  Personal Paint (PPaint) V7.4
  OctaMED V8
  Directory Opus V4
  Final Writer V7
  Utilities: EaglePlayer, HippoPlayer, Dock, Clock, Calendar
What's Included?:
  A600GS computer
  A600GS USB joypad
  USB C to A Power Cable ²
  micro HDMI to HDMI cable
  36-page colour User's Guide
Product Options:
The A600GS is compatible with any standard USB mouse. A mouse is necessary for using AmiBench and the bundled applications. A coloured double tick logo USB mouse is available as a product option if required.
A600GS Ports & Connectivity:
  USB-C Power In
  Ethernet RJ-45
  micro HDMI out
  3x USB-A ports: accepts mouse, joypad and optional keyboard
  3.5mm audio out ³
The A600GS is a small box measuring just 11 x 10.5 x 3.5 cm (approximate).
Total storage on board for system, AmiBench, games and applications is 64GB. System memory is 4GB with 1GB Fast RAM dedicated to AmiBench.
Wiki Information:
  OctaMED V8
¹ Third party ROM files, HDF, ADF, games and demos are not included- they will need to be supplied and installed by the user. Games compatiblity will vary and cannot be guaranteed.

² USB power socket required or USB 5v / 2A USB power supply (not supplied).

³ MIDI USB adapter cable, speakers and audio cables not included.
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Available Options