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A4000 Capacitor Pack for Professional Recapping


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New A4000™ Capacitor Pack for repair/servicing of an Amiga 4000 Desktop.
Ideal for replacing vented and leaking old capacitors which can corrode your Amiga motherboard.
We have capacitor packs available for other models and services (click here).
All electrolytic capacitors are supplied marked with their motherboard location for the Amiga you have selected.
High quality assurance: we use Panasonic and other branded capacitors in this pack. These are capacitor packs are official Amiga Kit Service Approved ™, used in professional servicing and repairs of Amiga motherboards.
We provide our in-house Capacitor Replacement Service for customers who do wish to solder the capacitors themselves.
IMPORTANT: These capacitors are supplied for use by technicians who are experienced in surface mount soldering rework and have appropriate equipment/tools for the task. Working on your Amiga without adequate experience or unsuitable equipment can result in the board being damaged.
Image shown not actual representation: quantity/values/type of capacitor will vary according to motherboard model.
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A4000 is a trade mark of AmigaKit Ltd in the United Kingdom
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