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EZ Z4 A1200 Tower

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EZ Z4 A1200 Tower
Quality, robust metal tower case designed ready for Amiga 1200 motherboard.

This custom enclosure features special Amiga 1200 port cut-outs and PCI-slot / Zorro slot cut-outs on rear. Tower case has custom backplate which makes it Mediator PCI busboard ready and Zorro busboard ready.
Features 3x large drive bays for 5.25" devices and 2x small drive bays for 3.5" devices.
This tower includes 250W ATX PSU - optional extras are PC/Amiga keyboard adapter, LED adapter, Reset adapter, PCMCIA Right Angled adapter and ATX to Amiga power adapter. Available in North America/Japan version (115v) and Europe/UK/Australia version (230v) - see options below.
Dimensions (longest) are: 47cm x 45cm x 18cm
Stock Status: New/Guaranteed

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