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28.37516 Mhz Crystal Oscillator (14-pin DIL) PAL A1200 A4000


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28.37516Mhz Crystal Oscillator (14-pin DIL package) commonly found on PAL Amiga motherboards at location X1.
We stock sockets for this oscillator (click here)
This crystal oscillator is suitable for installation in the following systems:
Commodore-Amiga 500 (PAL)
Commodore-Amiga 500 Plus (PAL)
Commodore-Amiga 600 (PAL)
Commodore-Amiga 1200 (PAL)
Commodore-Amiga 1500 (PAL)
Commodore-Amiga 2000 (PAL)
Commodore-Amiga 3000 (PAL)
Commodore-Amiga 4000 (PAL)
Commodore-Amiga 4000T (PAL)
Commodore-Amiga CD32 (PAL)
Commodore-Amiga CDTV (PAL)
It can also be used for NTSC to PAL system conversions in conjunction with additional motherboard modifications.
We also stock 28.6363 Mhz Crystal Oscillator (14-pin DIL) NTSC A1200 A4000
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